Mermay Colouring Book Kickstarter Launch

Kickstarter Launch: Pre-Order my Colouring Book

I’m doing a Mermay Colouring Book Kickstarter Launch! The 31 designs in this book are all pieces I created for the drawing challenge Mermay. Last year, a similar month-long challenge got me out of a really bad drawing slump, so I owe a lot to these projects. After chatting to some lovely artist friends I…

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Five Things Friday: Emily England Designs

It may be late on Friday evening, but don’t let that stop you from discovering work from the talented Emily England Designs. Her paper craft work is delicate, intricate and beautiful.

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Drawcrowd Epic Character Contest Entry

Drawcrowd Epic Character Contest

I re-drew a character from 2008 for the Drawcrowd Epic Character Contest ♥

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Five Things Friday: Lloyd Markham

Say hello to Lloyd Markham, novelist and musician with the band Deep Hum.

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