Less Obvious Ways of Supporting Artists

Money is an issue. I know there are a lot of people out there interested in supporting artists but they don’t always have the money for big purchases or ongoing donations. I thought I’d throw together a list of different ways to support the artists you love, without breaking the bank. You might get some…

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Five Things Friday: Lydia Niziblian

Long time no see! I’ve had a bit of a break from posting these interviews so I could focus on my Kickstarter and commission work. Thank you, everyone, who made the Kickstarter so awesome! I hope you really like your Mermay colouring books. ♥ Now, on with the show! Lydia Niziblian is a jewellery designer,…

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Five Things Friday: Simple Knots

Tomorrow I’m doing a lino print workshop with the lovely craft club Simple Knots, so I wanted to share this little chat I had with them about their work! Five Things Friday will now be coming out fortnightly due to my busier schedule. Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading so far. If…

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Mermay Colouring Book Kickstarter Launch

Kickstarter Launch: Pre-Order my Colouring Book

I’m doing a Mermay Colouring Book Kickstarter Launch! The 31 designs in this book are all pieces I created for the drawing challenge Mermay. Last year, a similar month-long challenge got me out of a really bad drawing slump, so I owe a lot to these projects. After chatting to some lovely artist friends I…

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