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Mermay Colouring Book Kickstarter Launch

Kickstarter Launch: Pre-Order my Colouring Book

I’m doing a Mermay Colouring Book Kickstarter Launch! The 31 designs in this book are all pieces I created for the drawing challenge Mermay. Last year, a similar month-long challenge got me out of a really bad drawing slump, so I owe a lot to these projects. After chatting to some lovely artist friends I…

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Drawcrowd Epic Character Contest Entry

Drawcrowd Epic Character Contest

I re-drew a character from 2008 for the Drawcrowd Epic Character Contest ♥

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Macaw Archer

Women Who Draw Submission

Here’s my submission for Women Who Draw ♥

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Solar System

Solar System piece started a year or two ago. I just busted it out to finally add the finishing touches.

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