Five Things Friday: Simple Knots

Tomorrow I’m doing a lino print workshop with the lovely craft club Simple Knots, so I wanted to share this little chat I had with them about their work! Five Things Friday will now be coming out fortnightly due to my busier schedule. Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading so far. If you want to support my work please consider buying me a coffee ♥

1. Can you introduce yourselves? Who are the faces behind Simple Knots?

Hello! We’re Jennifer & Sophie – we’re pals who work in the arts in Cardiff. We run socials and workshops for makers and creators in Cardiff, under the name Simple Knots.

2. You must have met a lot of creatives over the last year, what do you think of the creative community here in Cardiff?

We’ve been running Simple Knots for 2 years and we have met so many incredible, creative people through our events.

Cardiff’s always had a really strong creative community but it feels like it’s been growing massively in the last couple of years – it feels less solitary with the likes of Creative Cardiff and Creative Mornings and the opening of TSS and Rabble Studios. There are so many more chances to meet new people, network and collaborate now.

3. Have there been any big learning curves in setting up and running craft club?

Everything with Simple Knots has been a learning curve! We met for a coffee one day, had an idea and within a month it was a thing!

We’ve gone from running free events to teaming up with artists and putting on workshops – building networks and communities as well as the practical organisation like running events, marketing and social media, and endless planning has all been a big part of it.

We’ve recently decided to shake things up a bit, we’ve loved what Simple Knots has been for the last 2 years but fancied a bit of a change. Deciding to take that plunge was a bit scary but we’re super excited about where it’s going.

4. What’s your favourite thing to have come out of Simple Knots so far?

Probably the new skills we’ve learnt. It’s so hard not to want to try everything when 30 people turn up with so many different disciplines.

That combined with meeting lots of new faces and feeling like we’ve had a positive impact in helping other artists and creatives come together collaboratively.

We also had a (very quick) mention in the Guardian’s Alt Guide To Cardiff, which was awesome.

5. Where do you want your work to be in a year’s time, and how will you get there?

We want to be running even more varied workshops and socials for makers in Cardiff. We love being a part of the scene and opening it up for other people to get stuck in and involved.

We’ve got plans for more self-led workshops from our areas of expertise (like embroidery workshops, watercolour classes, plant propagation and pot making) and work more closely with even more artists to share the love.

Find out more about Simple Knots events on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Thanks for reading. Have an amazing weekend. If you are coming to my workshop tomorrow I’m really looking forward to seeing you! If you didn’t manage to get a ticket, keep an eye out for fun stuff coming up. This won’t be the last.

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