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Five Things Friday: Verity White

.Happy (almost) Easter for everyone celebrating, or if, like me, you will be enjoying copious amounts of chocolate over the long weekend.

This week I spoke to someone in a slightly different creative field to a lot of the interviewees so far… The lovely, bubbly singer Verity White.

1. Was being a singer always the dream?

Yes, ALWAYS, but I couldn’t admit it to myself as I wanted it so badly. I actually went to art school to study fine art, tried my hand at acting and at standup comedy before I took the plunge. I guess I wonder what would have happened if I’d have had the courage earlier to do what I wanted to do – who knows where I would be now. But I’m more confident now and can take the gaze of critics much better, so I guess it came at the right time…

Kudos to my fiancé for being here; if it wasn’t for him I would I have never even tried. ❤️ I had written music since I was about 13 so it was always in me, I just needed to believe in myself.


2. Please talk us through your music-making process.

As I said, I’ve been writing since I was about 13 and although the music wasn’t great I’m actually still pleased with some of the tunes and lyrics I came up with. I used to write accompanied by my own guitar playing, which is admittedly not great, and I think that I always knew my strength was the lyrics and melody and not so much the actual instrument playing! My voice is really my instrument. I know that sounds lame, but it’s true and I channel everything I’ve ever felt into it. So when I met my fiancé and he was such a great instrumentalist it seemed meant to be! He writes music on the guitar and piano and shares it with me to then write the lyrics and sort the vocal melody and harmonies. I then record in his studio in Cheltenham (lucky break that!).

Having been through a lot of things over my *cough blanketty-blank* years on this earth I delve into those experiences and convey them through the songs. I like to think they all have a depth of emotion that comes through to the listener and helps and inspires them. If I can influence, help or inspire just one person that would make me feel complete.


3. What’s been your favourite gig so far?

I have to say that going on tour with Pendragon was amazing. I had never ever had that kind of experience before, people actually wanted photos with me and my autograph afterwards! It was that experience that spurred me on to put my own music out there more. They were the first audience to hear it and, hopefully, like it!

One of the best gigs I did though was Glastonbudget – which is a festival for tribute bands – with the Joliet Blues Band. There were over 6,000 people and they were all having such a great time. I knew then I was meant to be on the stage. That was about 6 years ago now, and I’ve never looked back.


4. You are funding a new EP on Patreon, what can we expect from your upcoming work?

The EP in 2016 (Parentheses, under the name Verity Smith) was always experimental, there are influences from rock, electronica and indie music in there. Although I felt I needed to write it and the lyrics hold a LOT of meaning for me, I think my music has evolved since then.

The two new singles are definitely the way I see it going. I feel happy singing rock music as it’s what I’ve always loved. But there will always be an influence of other styles I really enjoy in there. Once the bones are written, Alex and I together listen through so many different styles of new music to find incidental parts and add to the excitement. So you can expect rock with a twist of electronica and indie and even, maybe, folk thrown in!

The main focus for me though will always be the voice as an instrument. And the lyrics, which are always from the heart.


5. Where do you want your work to be in a year’s time and how will you get there?

If I could be making a living entirely off of my music I would be the happiest person ever! To get there, well, the new music industry is an interesting place and it’s not about relentless gigging and sleeping in vans anymore; it’s about social media and all that it entails. To get there I’m working on growing my Patreon supporters, on making new contacts and (dare I say it) fans through social media. As well as working up good merchandise and a great brand for people to buy from. I also have a few support slots coming up on a couple of tours later in 2017-2018 so that should help too! But it’s basically just through chatting, which I’m good at. :)

I’m a firm believer in “what goes around comes around,” so being open, honest and friendly is what it’s all about. Oh, and about the music, I guess that’s important too, right?!


Check out Verity on her Website, Facebook and Patreon

On her Patreon you can get exclusive mini-videos, live chats and even more music! Check it out, especially if you are interested in helping to fund her new EP.

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