Less Obvious Ways of Supporting Artists

Money is an issue. I know there are a lot of people out there interested in supporting artists but they don’t always have the money for big purchases or ongoing donations. I thought I’d throw together a list of different ways to support the artists you love, without breaking the bank. You might get some free stuff too!

Social Media

Likes and comments count for so much, especially since we are constantly having to battle against the horror that is the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram. The big one. For me, Instagram is the best and most frustrating form of social media for my work. Constant algorithm updates mean that it’s become increasingly difficult for people to see posts, even if they follow you. If a post doesn’t get much engagement, it’s even harder to see. Lots of artists rely on this site, so to help support them and make it so more people can see their work, you can turn on post notifications or just make sure to like and comment if you enjoy their work. It really really helps.

• Facebook. I don’t like Facebook, but likes and comments on posts do wonders in helping more people see your favourite artists work. It has an algorithm similar to Instagram (not a surprise since they are now owned by the same people), and whether or not your work shows up on people’s timeline is very dependent on engagement. The more people who see our work, the more likely someone will buy something! Liking and commenting on posts, even if you don’t buy anything else, is helping to financially support your favourite artists. There’s a reason marketing people exist, this stuff is important!

Twitter is great, and possibly my second favourite social media site after Instagram. Liking and following your favourite artists helps them share their work, and also might help break up your timeline from the awful bombardment of news we constantly get hit with. Bring some creativity to your feed.

• If you are feeling really generous and want to do a bit more out of your way, you can post links and recommendations for your favourite creators to your timeline on any of these platforms. Tag us and link people to our stores / tip-jars / third party sites and we’ll love you forever.

Get yourself some free stuff!

Believe it or not, there are actually times where you can get free (or discounted) stuff and support your artist friends in the process. Quite often sites will have perks for referring friends. I’m going to be linking to mine, but ask your friends for theirs. You’ll both benefit. ♥

• Use my Skillshare link to get two free months! If you pay after that I’ll also get a free month. Skillshare is so useful for learning new skills and refreshing knowledge on particular pieces of software. I’ve been using it a lot to learn more about surface pattern design.

• If you want to set up your own Etsy shop, use this link for 40 free listings. If you set up an account with this link, I get free listings too which is SO helpful.

• For markets, a card reader is now a must. I got mine from SumUp who have a lovely reader & app, and charge a flat fee of 1.69% per transaction, which was the lowest I found. You can use my referral code to get a £44 discount from a card reader (and I’ll get £10).

• This one is a bit different, but if you are looking for a cheap pay-as-you-go SIM card you can use my Smarty referral code. You’ll get a free month and so will I, which means ALL of the Instagram! Their data packages are super good and you even get a discount on your next bill if you don’t use it all. (Currently, they don’t support roaming, but that should come into effect in June.)

Tip-Jars and Third-Party Sites

Ko-fi is a tip-jar service, a little bit like Patreon, but you don’t have to sign up for ongoing payments. Other than the small PayPal fee, the artist you support receives the money straight into their account. Little donations like this are a lovely mood boost and they can add up to make a huge difference!

• If you have regular spare income Patreon is great. Currently, I’ve closed mine down until I have a project I want to feature there. But you can support a huge amount of artists from just $1 per month.

Looking for new clothes? Try Redbubble. You’ll find a tonne of amazing designs, and in buying them you’ll be supporting artists!

Design By Humans have THE SOFTEST HOODIES.

The same goes for Society 6, and they both have a wide range of homeware options too. Print-on-demand sites like these don’t give as much money to the artists as buying from their Etsy page or personal shop, but it does mean artists don’t have to put up lots of money upfront to buy a large amount of stock. Small amounts add up!

Spoonflower and their sister sites Roostery and Sprout specialise in patterned fabric. You can buy fabric designed by artists you love and use it to make your own clothes or craft projects. Roostery and Sprout also give you the option to make homeware and clothes with designs on that you love. I’m tempted to get my wedding dress from Sprout (featuring a pattern I made out of sex toys, obviously).

I hope this has been useful, and you have a few more ideas for how to support the artists, crafts-people and creatives that you love. If you can support artists by buying from their Etsy shop or website please do! Let me know if you have other ideas that you’d like me to add to this list. ♥

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