Visual CV: Self-portraits

Last weekend I had a hectic three-day-Illustrator marathon to get a couple of projects done that have been hanging over me for a while. The first one was a visual CV. Up until this point I’ve only ever had a word doc CV, which has its upsides. But is not so great for showing off drawing/design skills to clients and employers. I’d seen so many gorgeous designs on Behance that it took me a while to decide where to start! But I’ve chosen to go for something that matches the look of this website so there’s continuity across my work. My friend Duncan has been giving me some great feedback on what I’ve done so far which has really helped. If you have any feedback too, I’d love to hear what you think!

There’s a bar on the side of my CV that will be home to my self-portrait or snippets from current projects. These two are at different levels of being finished because I’d decided not to use the ‘cuter’ one (right side) before it was 100% done. The hand is way off and it just didn’t really fit in the CV. But they have both been so fun to make and have really helped boost my skills in Illustrator!

Which one is your favourite?

Soon my visual CV will be available to download here so you can take a peek!

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