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Less Obvious Ways of Supporting Artists

Money is an issue. I know there are a lot of people out there interested in supporting artists but they don’t always have the money for big purchases or ongoing donations. I thought I’d throw together a list of different ways to support the artists you love, without breaking the bank. You might get some…

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Mermay Colouring Book Kickstarter Launch

Kickstarter Launch: Pre-Order my Colouring Book

I’m doing a Mermay Colouring Book Kickstarter Launch! The 31 designs in this book are all pieces I created for the drawing challenge Mermay. Last year, a similar month-long challenge got me out of a really bad drawing slump, so I owe a lot to these projects. After chatting to some lovely artist friends I…

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Tag: Liebster Award

About a year ago Thierry tagged me in the Liebster Award and I’ve finally done it. Oops. I’m not going to tag anyone specific because it took me so long to do, but if you want to, consider yourself tagged!

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Five Things Friday: Tide Breakers

A while ago I’d started something called ‘Five Things Friday’ where I posted about five things I’d enjoyed that week. It’s returned! But this time with cool things from cool people instead of my blabbing. 😳

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